Passenger Elevator UN-VICTOR (C) (D)

UN-VICTOR (C) series passenger elevator, with environmental protection characteristics unparalleled safety and comfort, energy saving, provide enjoyful experence to the modern urbanism, it's favourable in the market in recent years, product performance improved, specifications have been extended to 1600Kg, 2 5m/s, fully meet the requireweuts of business, hotel, residential and other types of buildings.
Extension products UN-Victor (D) elevator on its basis. provides smaller cross-sectional area arrangement solution, gaining shaft-saving advantage in similar products, saving construction spaces for owners.

The main specification

UN-Victor (C) UN-Victor (D)
Speed range 1~2.5m/s 1~1.75m/s
Load range 630~1600kg 630~1000kg
Traction Machine VITO/GETM VITO/GETM
Door operator Jarless-con Jarless-con
Controller U-CON U-CON
Door protection Light curtains Light curtains