Hospitals Elevator UN-BED

UN-BED series bed lift, fully considering of the environmental particularity in hospitals and sanatoriums, designed the elevator in the views of transporting patients, and adopted VVVF control technology and car displacement absolute memory, make sure that the lift will start and stop steadily, run smoothly for the patients'comfort; the soft and caring interior decoration, which gives the passenger a feeling of meticulous humanized care; and the design with the enhancement of safety performance, which could reduce failure probability for the safe access of disabled patients. UN-BED gearless bed lift is the ideal choice of hospitals and sanatoriums.

The main specification

Capacity 1350-1600kg
Speed 1.0-1.75m/s
Machine Vito
Controller U-Con
Door operator Jarless-con
COP U-CF1200
Door protection Light curtain