With economic development, people's living standard and the quality of life are unceasingly improving, and the automobile are gradually entering into life of common people. The UN-F5000-Q car lift developed by UNITE using the Car lift manufacturing technology fully, is the Car lift developed for the need of domestic and foreign market by using the highly mature Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (VVVF) control technology for precise speed control, which has avoided the noise and the car vibration produced by the overload of traction system owing to the unevenly stress to the car, so as to optimize its unique product characteristic to the maximum and gives a more safe and reliable guarantee for your loved car. The UN-F5000-Q car lift has become an ideal choice for factory, warehousing, department store, property center and other organizations.

The main specification

Capacity 3000~5000kg
Speed 0.25~0.5m/s
Machine Geared machine
Controller U-CON
Door operator Permanent magnetic VVVF door operator
Operation panel U-CF500
Door protection Light curtain