XIZI ELEVATOR CO., LTD is the affiliated enterprise of XIZI ELEVATOR GROUP CO, LTD;XIZI ELEVATOR GROUP CO., LTD is the shareholder of OTIS ELECTRIC ELEVATOR CO.,LTD (earlier name: XIZI OTIS Elevator company).

XIZI Elevators LTD - is the world leader in the production of elevators, escalators and travelators.

XIZI LIFT CO., LTD. Is a 100% subsidiary of XIZI UHC, with the trademark XIZI (called "XIZI"). The company is aimed at high-quality markets at a significant strategic development of the elevator business of XIZI UHC. The XIZI brand can be attributed to 1981. Until now, this cross brand existed for more than 30 years and provided the most outstanding building solutions for more than 60 countries and regions of the world that constantly win Market recognition and partner trust.

Company «Xizi» was certified in accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system, conditions environmental management system the ISO14001, occupational safety management system and health, and also received a number of international certifications. In addition to this, the company «Xizi» has a license for the production of high-end, license installation, reconstruction, repair of class A in this industry.

“Sincerely service for each elevator, provide safe and lasting products to customers” is the business philosophy of XIZI.

The company insists the enterprise spirit of persistent pursuit of safety, efficiency, energy-saving and comfort of products, so as to provide world class technology, product and service to clients.

Everest Elevators LTD are pleased to offer you a full range of service
• Installation, scheduling, commissioning.
• Maintenance of elevators, escalators and travelators with the emergency services.
• The supply of spare parts for elevators, escalators and travelators.
• Electrical work, electrical measurements.

Advantages of working with us: we have an experienced and training team installers and fitters.
Flexible financial policy.
XIZI elevator products, first developed in a concept without a machine room (MRL), have an obvious advantage in construction compared to a traditional passenger elevator for designing its compact design.
In addition to saving space, designing significantly reduces construction costs.

Everest Mission

We are ready to provide you with professional advice and help you make your choice.
Our approach to work: QUALITY, FASTER, "Always the best price" is our promise

Everest Vision

We are committed to provide high-quality elevators, escalators and travelators with a reasonable price.
Elevators XIZI are one of the most competitive brands.


• TOP 100 enterprise in Zhejiang.
• Top 10 brand for CHINA security housing.
• Jianggan district quality enterprise.
• Hangzhou innovation corporate
• Province High-Tech enterprise.
• Top 10 brand in china.
• China green energy-saving environmental protective brand.
• China engineering construction key promotion product.
• China AAA quality credit enterprise.

Xizi Certificates